We help laboratories automate their visual experiments

With Reshape, the world's first robotic plate imaging system and AI-enabled analysis platform, researchers can finally automate their manually assessed assays.

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Unlock your lab's potential

Our platform combines flexible robotics and machine learning to dramatically accelerate your time to market.

Automated imaging

Run experiments 24/7 and free up time for laboratory technicians.

34° C
20° C
40° C

Built-in incubation

Flexible temperature control and accurate logging to ensure repeatability.


Increase accuracy and repeatability with our image analysis models.

Scalable robotic platform

Easily add more devices to increase throughput.

Managed data storage

Keep your data secure with browser-based access for easy collaboration.

Ultimate assay flexibility

Compatible with the plate formats you use today.


Never miss a data point

Our imaging system captures everything that happens during incubation with pre-calibrated imaging profiles.


Scalable data acquisition

Increase the quality of your models with our scalable image assessment infrastructure to produce high quality data faster.

Food & ingredients

Supercharge your functional ingredient characterization, stability testing, acidification and many other assays.


Automate competition assays for pesticide development across fungi, insects, seed health and more.


Enable automated high throughput microbial discovery or do library and enzyme screens with much higher resolution.

Accelerating R&D
for global companies

“The Reshape Biology Platform has revolutionized our screening assay workflow. It has enabled a level of precision and efficiency we could not achieve before, significantly enhancing the efficacy of our assay. With the help of Reshape, we have moved further in improving the workflow in 6 months than in the 3 years before with other solutions we tried.”

Stuart Harrison

Head of Seeds R&D and Open Innovation

“I would most certainly recommend the Reshape Microbiology Platform. [...] We were able to increase the amount of valuable data generated and decrease the amount of time it took to create it, which was one of the big bottlenecks. What used to take 15 hours now effectively takes no time.”

Anja Kristiansen

Senior scientist
Chr. Hansen

"Working with especially fungal pathogens is very challenging for accurate quantification in formulations. Having this process automated has been a huge productivity boost for us and allowed us to run assays 7 days a week without the need for complicated scheduling processes."

Matt Rienzo

Senior Scientist
Top 3 FMCG company in the world

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