Dive deeper into how our platform can help you speed up your R&D and reach project targets reliably

Automated CFU counting

The best in class solution for colony counting that actually works

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Radial growth rate

Highly accurate and time-resolved radial growth assays

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Seed germination

Automatically analyze complex phenotypes like germination rate, root growth, and time-to-germination with Reshape

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Automate fluorescence assays in any plate format with Reshape and increase throughput

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Antagonistic assays

Evaluate inhibitory strain properties and inter-species competition through automated growth detection and quantification using Reshape technology

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Color assessment

Optimize efficiency and accuracy of your color characterization assays with Reshape.

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Leaf assays

Get insights on herbicide efficacy, disease development, chemical phytotoxicity, or screen for pathogen inhibition by biocontrol candidates.

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Yogurt mold quantification

Detect and quantify fungal growth on dairy products using Reshape’s automated image analysis.

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