Radial growth rate

Highly accurate and time-resolved radial growth assays



Time resolution

Fully automated

Enabling complex multi-factor analysis

Any substrate

Use agar plates or actual product formulations

Reshaping fungal growth assays

Radial growth assays for fungi are vital in various fields, from understanding inhibition effects in food preservation and cosmetic formulations to optimizing growth media. The Reshape Microbiology Platform is revolutionizing the way these assays are performed by automating them for high-throughput applications and quickly post-processing datasets for high-level insights.

Other applications

Color assessment

Optimize efficiency and accuracy of your color characterization assays with Reshape.

Antagonistic assays

Evaluate inhibitory strain properties and inter-species competition through automated growth detection and quantification using Reshape technology


Automate fluorescence assays in any plate format with Reshape and increase throughput

Automation with the Reshape Microbiology Platform

The Reshape platform addresses key challenges faced by scientists:

  1. High Throughput Analysis: Facilitating the simultaneous study of multiple strains and factors, enhancing efficiency and accelerating time to market.
  2. Versatility in Assay Design: Adaptable to a wide variety of factors for efficient design of experiments, serving diverse research needs while obtaining info on both growth rates and time of appearance
  3. Precision and Reproducibility: Ensuring accurate and consistent results while minimizing human error and enabling reproduction easily in different teams.
  4. Integration with Existing Systems: Easing workflow and data management, consolidating results into a single platform.
  5. Empowering Scientists and R&D Managers: Reducing manual labor, expediting decision-making, and fostering innovation.

Applications of Radial Growth Assays

Radial growth assays have extensive applications:

  1. Inhibitory Effects: Critical for testing anti-fungal agents and developing preservation strategies in a wide range of industries such as food and cosmetics
  2. Optimization of Growth Media: Essential for tailoring growth conditions within a wide range of factors
  3. Pharmaceuticals: Instrumental in developing anti-fungal treatments and optimizing performance of fungicides
  4. Agriculture: Vital in studying crop diseases and soil health as fungal pathogens are one of the biggest threats to crops around the world
  5. Industrial Processes: Key for optimizing fermentation and bioprocessing and understanding morphologies in different conditions

Showcase: Effects of NaCl on Radial Growth


Investigate the impact of different NaCl concentrations on 3 fungal strains growing on PDA (24g/L of Neogen PDA media).


  1. Prepare media with varying NaCl concentrations and pin-inoculate fungal spores onto each plate in triplicate
  2. Utilize the Reshape platform's advanced imaging to capture growth at high time resolution, transforming a traditionally labor-intensive, error-prone task into a streamlined, precise process which can be executed at high throughput
  3. Analyze and post-process data to build a precise model of the impact of salt concentration on fungal growth rates, showcasing the platform's capability for complex analysis.


Raw image outputs of 3 strains  (rows) and 5 salt concentrations (columns)
Using the bottom light imaging mode
Raw image outputs of 3 strains (rows) and 5 salt concentrations (columns)
Using the top light imaging mode

User interface showing realtime analysis of growth and ability to inspect individual samples


  • Efficiency for Scientists and lab technicians: Minimizes manual work, freeing time for more impactful tasks
  • Informed Decision Making for R&D Managers: Predictable results and lower project target risks enhances commercial outcomes
  • Scalability: Adaptable to a range of study scales and number of factors - even suitable for downscaling for very high throughput applications.


The Reshape Microbiology Platform brings a modern approach to radial growth assays for fungi, enabling high-throughput automation and precise data analysis. It opens up avenues for innovation across food preservation, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and beyond.

LIMS Integration and Further Support

  • Barcode reading capabilities for sample tracking.
  • Direct integration with your existing LIMS system.
  • Continuous support from our data science team for custom-built solutions and monitoring of hard-to-assess organisms

Food & Ingredients

Supercharge your functional ingredient characterization, stability testing, acidification, and other assays.

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Accelerate agricultural R&D with automated Imaging and AI-powered image analysis

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Personal care

Automate testing and analysis of cosmetics and personal care products to ensure product quality, safety, and efficacy.


Enable automated high throughput microbial discovery or do library and enzyme screens with much higher resolution.

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