Accelerate Food & Ingredient R&D with Automated Imaging and AI-powered Image Analysis

Automate tedious assessment of plates and let AI-powered image analysis provide insights to improve your food & ingredient-related research.

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The issue today

Manual methods and outdated equipment hinder progress

In food and ingredient R&D, manual methods pose significant challenges to throughput and productivity. Manual measurements and assessment of assays are not only labor-intensive and tedious, but also introduce subjectivity and impact assay reproducibility.

With Reshape

Automate and digitize your R&D experiments with the help of plug & play robotics and AI

The Reshape Imaging System streamlines the process of capturing and analyzing images for food and ingredient tests, including common assays related to quality, freshness, and ripening of ingredients. Utilizing AI, we reduce errors common in human evaluations. Specifically, Reshape is effective for assays like color measurement, microbial growth assessment, spoilage detection, and quality control of raw materials. By automating these tests, which typically require manual visual inspection, Reshape enhances efficiency and precision in food and ingredient R&D.

How it works


Insert any plate format — petri dish, omnitray, 96-well plate, etc. — into the Reshape Imaging System with its integrated incubation feature


AI-based computer vision models automatically deliver insights, such as CFU counts and growth rates, and are adaptable for configuration to analyze various other phenotypes


Export results seamlessly to LIMS, in CSV format, or directly to Excel

Without Reshape

  • Manual recording slows down throughput
  • Challenges in manually assessing complex phenotypes
  • Subjectivity causes variability in visual inspections
  • Manual processes hinder experiment scalability
  • Narrow focus on specific time points limits overall understanding
  • Difficult to discerning nuanced details
  • Inconsistencies in visual assessments compromise result reliability

With Reshape

  • Continuous experiment monitoring
  • Access to timepoint data with timelapse function
  • Enhanced insights via customized image analysis
  • Minimized repetitive manual tasks through robotics and AI
  • Elimination of error-prone human assessments through automated analysis
  • AI image analysis enables assessment of highly complex assays
  • Automated analysis for assays, replacing manual visual inspection

Food & Ingredients


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