Only by decoding nature can we live in harmony with it. 

Our future on this planet and as a species will be determined by our ability to understand and harness biology.

Only through biotechnological research can we develop solutions for sustainable nutrition required to feed a growing population and the medical advances needed to address complex and urgent health challenges.

But tomorrow’s breakthroughs won’t be created in today’s labs – we need to accelerate the pace of progress in biotech.

At Reshape, we’re building a new generation of lab equipment – and the infrastructure behind it – so that scientists and technicians can dramatically accelerate their work.

We’re reshaping biological research and development by harnessing the power of automation and digitalization to scale experimentation and empower cross-disciplinary collaboration globally. Simplicity is our guiding star: from robotic instruments that saves countless hours to a delightfully instinctive user experience in our cloud-based platform. Biology is complex, but your tools don’t have to be.

Founded in 2018 by a team whose backgrounds span systems engineering, mechatronics, cloud infrastructure, machine learning and biotech applications, Reshape is based in Copenhagen and operates globally.

Our team

Carl-Emil Grøn
Co-founder & CEO
Daniel Storgaard
Co-founder and CTO
Magnus Nyborg Madsen
Co-founder and CRO
Diana Zina
Account executive
Sara Grøn
Account Executive
Frederik Højlund
Prototyping lead
Nikolaj Moberg
Production manager
Frederik Knuth
Production manager
Diogo Dias De Silva
Bo Hansen
Martin Basterrechea
Software engineer
Oscar Petersen
Data scientist
Mikkel Madsen
Data scientist
Isabella Bakonyvari
Finance admin
Nikola Zemite
Business development
Lasse Byrner
Chief of staff
Anders Beck
Software engineer