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Find out how the Reshape platform is accelerating R&D

How Syngenta digitally transformed detection of active compounds using AI

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Scaling up accurate high-throughput screening is often a challenge. Learn how Syngenta managed to automate their assay by combining state-of-the-art AI and analytics with high-resolution, scalable time-lapse imaging.

How Chr. Hansen is accelerating their new product development with Reshape

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Anja Kristiansen and her team at Chr. Hansen are pioneering innovative solutions for animal nutrition and health. With a very strong in-house automation platform downstream bottlenecks often arise. These are labor intensive and can require large amounts of consumables. Resolving this would improve both work processes and experimental throughput.

How Morten Nørholm is Pioneering Evolutionary Research at DTU Biosustain

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Morten Nørholm and his research group at DTU Biosustain, leaders in bacterial evolution research, took their groundbreaking work to new heights by implementing the Reshape Imaging System.

How Imperial College Lab Advances Metabolic Engineering Research with Reshape

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How Rodrigo's team at Imperial College uses the Reshape Microbiology platform to screen for complex metabolite interactions with fluorescence biosensors

How FMCG challenge testing was transformed with Reshape

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As a microbiologist developing preservation strategies for a vast portfolio of personal care products, Matt Rienzo was met with a significant challenge, that many scientists face in the lab - the time-consuming process of challenge-testing various microbes to ensure product safety and longevity. It often became a bottleneck in their product development efforts, especially with an increasing number of projects due to evolving consumer demands. Increasing efficiency and meeting ambitious project targets with a quick turn-around time was a priority. With the introduction of the Reshape Microbiology Platform, the process of challenge testing transformed, leading to unprecedented improvements in their efficiency, data quality, and assay throughput.

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