Seed germination

Analyze complex phenotypes like germination rates, root growth rates and time-to-germination automatically

Fully automated

with high-level data output

Background independent

Agar, paper or other substrates

Any seed type

Small or large

Seed germination assays are used in a huge variety of applications, ranging from seed quality control to new trait development. Automate seed germination assays and get access to additional high-level quantifications such as time to germination.

Seed Germination Assays with the Reshape Microbiology Platform


Seed germination assays are crucial in various domains, encompassing the examination of seed viability, optimization of germination conditions, and evaluation of seed treatments. The Reshape Microbiology Platform is redefining the way these assays are executed by automating them for high-throughput applications and swiftly post-processing datasets for elevated insights.

Applications of Seed Germination Assays

Seed germination assays have extensive applications:

  • Viability Testing: Essential for assessing seed quality and viability prior to sowing.
  • Optimization of Germination Conditions: Critical for customizing germination conditions to optimize seedling development.
  • Agriculture: Important in evaluating seed treatments, studying seed-borne diseases and understanding soil-seed interactions.
  • Industrial Processes: Key in optimizing conditions for seed storage and determining seed longevity.

Automation with Reshape Microbiology Platform

The Reshape platform tackles key hurdles faced by scientists:

  • High Throughput Analysis: Enables the simultaneous study of multiple seed types and conditions, boosting efficiency and hastening time to market.
  • Versatility in Assay Design: Adaptable to a variety of factors for proficient design of experiments, catering to diverse research needs while obtaining data on germination rates and seedling vigor.
  • Precision and Reproducibility: Assures accurate and consistent results, minimizing human error and facilitating reproduction across different teams.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Streamlines workflow and data management, consolidating results into a single platform.
  • Empowering Scientists and R&D Managers: Lessens manual labor, accelerates decision-making, and nurtures innovation.

Showcase: Effects of NaCl on Seed Germination

Objective: Investigate the impact of different NaCl concentrations on the germination of broccoli seeds.


  1. Prepare media with varying NaCl concentrations and sow seeds onto each plate in triplicate.
  2. Utilize the Reshape platform's advanced imaging to capture germination at high time resolution, transforming a traditionally labor-intensive, error-prone task into a streamlined, precise process executable at high throughput.
  3. Analyze and post-process data to build an accurate model of the impact of salt concentration on seed germination rates, showcasing the platform's capacity for complex analysis.


Raw image outputs of 3 replicates (rows) and 5 salt concentrations (columns)

Seed and root analysis annotations

All imaging and analysis can easily be translated across plate formats for increased throughput
Germination rate as a function of salt concentration
Average time to germinate and root growth rate report


  • Efficiency for Scientists and Lab Technicians: Reduces manual work, freeing time for more impactful tasks.
  • Informed Decision Making for R&D Managers: Predictable results and lower project target risks enhance commercial outcomes.
  • Scalability: Adaptable to a range of study scales and number of factors - even suitable for downscaling for very high throughput applications.


The Reshape Microbiology Platform delivers a modern approach to seed germination assays, enabling high-throughput automation and precise data analysis, facilitating advancements across agriculture, seed industry, and beyond.

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