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Colony counting needs to be automated

Colony counting is one of the most common techniques used in microbiology to gauge the bioload in a given sample. Yet, even today, a huge amount of counting is done manually, as available solutions have not offered adequate accuracy and return on investment.

Other applications

Color assessment

Optimize efficiency and accuracy of your color characterization assays with Reshape.

Antagonistic assays

Evaluate inhibitory strain properties and inter-species competition through automated growth detection and quantification using Reshape technology


Automate fluorescence assays in any plate format with Reshape and increase throughput

Reshaping Colony Counting

The Reshape Microbiology Platform is the perfect tool to automate and digitalise the colony counting process in any microbiology.

With just a single imaging unit operated by a lab technician, 15 petri dishes can be imaged per minute, equivalent to 600 plates per hour. For higher throughputs, multiple imaging units can be seamlessly connected to the same workspace to easily consolidate a huge number of samples processed by a team of people. We offer a sophisticated credentialing solution to easily administrate data access.

A mid-sized lab spending 50 hours a week on enumeration can free up 45+ hours a week for other productive tasks while increasing data quality and employee happiness

State of the art machine learning for plug and play operation

The Reshape platform directly integrates powerful machine learning models, specifically designed for high accuracy counting across a wide range of plate types, organism types and plating densities. You have access to this functionality which runs automatically on any image captured by the device. Simply slide in your samples, start the imaging job, and you're done - no need to play around with thresholds for color, circularity or anything else. There are no special consumables or changes that need to be made to your existing method.

Correlation between human and automatic count
for e. coli plates at various plating densities

Multiple modes of operation are available:

  • Endpoint imaging: great for high throughput applications with known incubation times
  • Time-lapse operation: great for early detection of contamination and documenting time to result of new methods

Advanced cases

No matter what type of counting you're doing, we're here to help. In case the standard models we provide are not sufficiently accurate, we get to one of the most powerful parts of the platform: custom-built machine learning models, deployed directly by our data science team specifically for your unique assay.

Our capabilities extend to complex enumeration tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Counting of pour-plates
  • Counting mold colony nucleations
  • Counting complex co-cultures
  • Counting directly on water filtration filters
  • Counting of air samplings and EM

Assay development and reducing your time to result

If you're developing a new CFU based assay, you can use the time-series counting to easily understand the required incubation time before counting. The timelapse is stored indefinitely, and can be run for 15 petri dishes at a time per imaging unit, allowing you to quickly document the time to result across a wide variety of organisms, plating densities and other factors. A lot of our clients have been able to reduce their time-to-result by more than 50% by optimizing the required incubation for a given testing method.

Manual counting is one of the most error-prone methods in microbiology - especially when the process is rushed due to a high workload. Maintaining high data quality is extremely hard between teams of people. It is one of the most tedious tasks in a typical microbiology lab, and can result in fatigue for the person performing the counting

Any result can easily be audited by reviewing the in-image annotations, showing exactly how the plate is being counted. Each colony can be clicked to inspect additional information such as exactly when it was detected on the plate and it's size at each time point.

LIMS integration

We offer various sample tracking solutions, including fully automatic barcode reading for barcodes visible in the image taken, as well as barcoding with a handheld scanner during the start of the imaging. With a sample tracking solution in place, we're able to calculate dilutions directly into CFU/ml and integrate directly with your existing LIMS system.

Food & Ingredients

Supercharge your functional ingredient characterization, stability testing, acidification, and other assays.

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Accelerate agricultural R&D with automated Imaging and AI-powered image analysis

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Personal care

Automate testing and analysis of cosmetics and personal care products to ensure product quality, safety, and efficacy.


Enable automated high throughput microbial discovery or do library and enzyme screens with much higher resolution.

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