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Reshaping color assessment

Color assessment offers insights into product quality and characteristics. For instance, in the food sector, color assessment is employed to determine the freshness and visual appeal of fruits and packaged products. Similarly, in textiles, color analysis is utilized to verify consistent dyeing in fabrics and garments, while in cosmetics, it plays a vital role in ensuring precise color formulation.

Reshape Technology enables remarkably accurate measurement of color changes, facilitating quality control, and product development. Increase the throughput of your research with Reshape and achieve optimized efficiency and accuracy in color characterization.

Other applications

Antagonistic assays

Evaluate inhibitory strain properties and inter-species competition through automated growth detection and quantification using Reshape technology


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Seed germination

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Application Study: Color detection


Correlate color dilutions with RBG values.


Color assessment have broad applications and is employed for quality control and product development. In this experiment, the color change over a dilutions series was investigated using Reshape Imaging System and AI-powered analysis. The correlation between color dilutions and RGB values was investigated using Reshape Technology.


Reproducible RGB-Color Correlation. Yellow, red, blue, and green fruit color solutions were 1:1 serial diluted with water and recorded with Reshape Imaging System. Comparison between two plate formats (1.5 ml in 24-well and 200 µl in 96-well microtiter plates) demonstrated a consistent correlation between RGB values and color dilution (Fig. 1 and 2).

Figure 1. Color dilutions in 24-well plate. Fruit colors were serial diluted 1:1 in a total volume of 1.5 ml in 24-well microtiter plates.
Figure 2. Color dilutions in 96-well plate. Fruit colors were serial diluted 1:1 in a total volume of 200 µl in 96-well microtiter plates.


Reshape Imaging System in combination with automated image analysis established correlations between serial dilutions of yellow, red, blue, and green fruit colors and their corresponding RGB values. These correlations were color specific and reproducible across plate formats (24- and 96-well plates).

Food & Ingredients

Supercharge your functional ingredient characterization, stability testing, acidification, and other assays.

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Accelerate agricultural R&D with automated Imaging and AI-powered image analysis

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Personal care

Automate testing and analysis of cosmetics and personal care products to ensure product quality, safety, and efficacy.


Enable automated high throughput microbial discovery or do library and enzyme screens with much higher resolution.

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